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Flukz Description

Flukz is an editor of shoot'em up video games. Game levels can be created, edited and saved online.

Version 0.4 is available since february 2014.


This is a static binary, which does not require any install. Just copy the file anywhere and you can execute it.


The following binaries are provided for Debian/Ubuntu distributions. All binaries depend on the package libqtmultimediakit1, so you need to install it first. Use chmod u+x to make the file executable.

Example to download and execute flukz from a terminal :

apt-get install libqtmultimediakit1
wget download.tuxfamily.org/flukz/flukz0.4_ubuntu64
chmod u+x flukz0.4_ubuntu64

Source code

Instructions to compile can be found in the README.txt file at the root of the archive.


Flukz in wiki mode:

Flukz in wiki mode

Flukz in game mode (shoot'em up):

Flukz in shoot'em up mode Flukz in shoot'em up mode

Edition of a shoot'em up level (the parameters of each sprite can be edited):

Editing a shoot'em up level


The project is open to all contributions.

Just launch Flukz, and you can start to create new game levels available instantly to all other users.

You will find more details on the page how to contribute.

Flukz Team

Contributor Mail address Contributor since
David Allgayer Version 0.1
François Bonnet Version 0.2
Antoine Echelard Version 0.1 Developer
Julien Lemoine Email Version 0.1
Simon Viennot Email Version 0.1 Main developer

Note about the copyright :

  1. Flukz is a free software under GPL v2 license. Copyright for the sofware is hold collectively by Flukz Team.
  2. Flukz uses open artwork from many different authors, and new artwork is added every day. The author and license detail for each file (picture or sound) can be found inside Flukz.

Flukz news

Version 0.4

  • improved design of the gameover screen and scrolling display of the best scores
  • automatic save of the best scores on the server
  • display a loading screen while downloading the dependencies of a level
  • support of Ogg/Vorbis format for sound files
  • -mute option to launch Flukz without sound support (for platforms where the sound is not working)
  • M key can be used during the game to disable the sounds
  • esc key in the editor can be used to unselect the current sprite and show the global parameters of the level
  • bug correction : always decrease the life points of the player when colliding with a ship (bug of incorrect increase in previous versions)

Version 0.3

  • correction of a colliding bug between the player ship and its own fire
  • display a score during the game
  • life bar of the player ship
  • program-generated page for the credits (author, source link) of the images and sounds used in a game level

Version 0.2

  • parameters window of a sprite always displayed on the right of the game level
  • immediate refresh of the displayed level length when it is changed during the level edition
  • test mode of a game level during the edition
  • explosion animations correctly displayed even if part of the pictures is out of the screen
  • explosion animations correctly centered on the exploding items even if the explosion pictures are larger or smaller than the ship picture.
  • fire centered at the center of the ship (width of the fire is taken into account)
  • correction of the bug of arrows key already in a “pressed” state at the beginning levels

Version 0.1

  • first version of an editor of shoot'em up levels

Development tools

Flukz is an open source free software, distributed under licence GPL v.2.

It was developed with :

  • C++ language for program's main part.
  • Qt4 library for the graphical interface.
  • Subversion for revision control of the source code.
  • Inkscape and The GIMP for images.
  • MinGW for compilation on Windows platform.
  • UPX to compress binaries.
  • Web site is powered by Dokuwiki and hosted by Tuxfamily.

Supported OS : Linux, Windows.

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